General FAQs

What grades are offered by Indiana Digital Learning School (INDLS)?

INDLS enrolls full-time students in  grades K–10. Once enrolled by 10th grade, students can continue their high school education through grade 12 to earn their diploma.

What subjects will my child study?

Does INDLS provide textbooks and other instructional materials?

Can my child work at their own pace?

How much time do students spend on the computer?

Do you provide curriculum for special needs children?

Can you accommodate the accelerated learning needs of my advanced learner?

The beauty of our program is that it is flexible enough to meet children where they are in any given subject and take them where they want to go. Grade placement assessments, completed as part of the enrollment process, allow us to place your student in the appropriate level of curriculum. So, for example, if your fourth grader is doing math on a sixth-grade level and reading on a fourth-grade level, we can tailor lesson plans to meet your student’s abilities.

How do students interact socially?

Will this program intrude into my home?

How do I enroll my student?

Does INDLS offer NCAA-approved courses?